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WASEL Pro VPN for iPhone and iPad

Apple Inc's iPhone was first introduced to the world in the Macworld Conference and Expo in 2007 and ever since it has became the leading smaprtphone in the world.

In a 2010, iPad tablet computer was announced. With multi-touch screen and WiFi feature, iPad presents a lighter and more user-friendly alternative to desktops and laptops.

Both iPhone and iPad run iOS, a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and distributed exclusively for Apple's devices iPhone, iPad and iPod. iOS comes with a number of already installed applications including Safari, the official browser developed by Apple, and iTunes, the official media and app store.

But what if iTunes was blocked by your ISP or what if it was blocked it was blocked in the country where you live? What if some important apps you need to download on your iPhone and iPad were banned? What if some important websites you need to browse were inaccessible to you?

The only trusted solution is using VPN for iPhone and iPad.

Why Use VPN for iPhone and iPad?

Most people use WiFi feature in their iPhone or iPad to connect to the Internet. The thing is free WiFi hotspots put your online data in danger of being hacked. To avoid such a thing, you'll definitely need VPN for iPhone and iPad to encrypt your traffic and your data and this way, maintain your safety and ensure your privacy on the web.

Again, some apps, including VoIP and social networks apps, might be blocked in workplaces, schools or even blocked but ISPs in your country. Using VPN for iPhone and iPad, you'll get to access all blocked sites and applications on your device.

Unlike proxy servers, WASEL Pro VPN for iPhone and iPad will help you bypass restrictions and Internet surveillance while not compromising your speed or security online.

How VPN for iPhone and iPad Works?

A VPN connection is established through the use of a tunneling protocol. A VPN tunneling protocol is the method by which your traffic is encrypted and hence it is the method how security is provided by VPN for iPhone and iPad. Secure VPN tunneling protocols include the following:

OpenVPN: an advanced open source VPN solution developed by the company OpenVPN Technologies. It is regarded as the premier VPN protocol, features 256-bit encryption but NOT supported by iOS.

PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol): a very simple, lightweight VPN protocol based on PPP offering basic online security with medium speeds, features 128-bit encryption and supported by iOS.

SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol): a tunneling protocol that uses SSL VPN, which is accessible via HTTPS and it uses 2048 bit protection. That is why it is considered the most secured method but NOT supported by iOS.

L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol): an advanced VPN protocol. It is more complicated than OpenVPN, features 256-bit and it is the recommended replacement for PPTP if you're running iOS.

Since WASEL Pro VPN service relies on the most secure VPN protocols; OpenVPN and L2TP and since OpenVPN is not supported by iOS, WASEL Pro VPN for iPhone and iPad is available through L2TP only but it can be used in two different ways:

Either by manually configuring L2TP VPN on iPone or iPad (Click here to know how)

Or by downloading VPN application on iPhone or iPad from iTunes (here)

In both ways you'll get access to all WASEL Pro VPN servers and you'll be able to use the same VPN account on two devices at once.  

WASEL Pro VPN for iPhone and iPad doesn't require jailbreak and it's very easy to configure whether you choose to manually configure the connection or you choose to download the application on your device.